Announcement: Fall semester will begin Aug. 24 with remote learning for all K-12 students. We are working to update our site to reflect the most recent changes. Learn more about our safe and gradual return to in-person school.


Volunteerism and community engagement is a critical part of C3. Our families are an integral part of our success. A culture of volunteerism helps families learn more about classes and curriculum, build relationships with teachers and staff, and shows our children how the community works together towards their success. C3 asks for 20 community hours from each family, regardless of how many children attend C3.

Ways to Volunteer
Attending Conferences and Back-To-School nights and Parent Education Evenings (i.e. School Culture, Winter Celebrations; Math Challenge; The Arts)
Attending PTA or any other school committee events
Supporting school sponsored events
Supporting in the classroom
Doing work for teachers or administrators at home
Volunteering on community partner excursions or chaperons for other events
Volunteering on school grounds
Volunteering with clerical office support
Preparing materials for the classroom
Help with Curiosity Crews: enrichment clusters on Friday afternoons

If you are interested in getting involved with C3, please call (720) 424-0630.