C3‘s program is designed to lay the foundation for life-long learning. It is a place where children embody our motto of being kind, courageous, thinkers and enjoy a balanced approach to quality education with strong parental and community involvement.

Our curriculum leads with the academic basics: Literacy, math, science, and social studies. Specials include visual arts, PE/Dance, and music. Technology is incorporated into regular classwork and students visit the school library regularly. We also offer a variety of social-emotional, gifted and talented, and special education resources.

But what makes C3’s programming so special and unique is our ongoing focus on community and creativity. Grade levels each spend time throughout the year visiting with our Community Partners where we relate our classroom learning to real-world experiences.

We also believe that lasting learning is fun! Students participate in Curiosity Crews, choosing 6-week long passion projects 3-times throughout the year. These classes are taught by C3 staff, including the principal. Examples of previous offerings range from Masks around the World and Chess to Nature Drawing and Blocks.


How C3 structures a fundamental knowledge base for our students.

Community Partners

Learn about the unique way we make the world a part of our classroom.


Our collaboration with Cory Elementary to extend learning experiences beyond the traditional school day.


Denver Public Schools before and after school programming at C3.

Want to Join Our Community?

Come tour C3, talk with our administrative team and learn more about our programs and enrollment through DPS SchoolChoice.