The C3 Innovation Accountability Team (IAT), includes elected parent representatives, community members, teachers, staff members and principal partners, meets monthly and provides input on school operations and accountability for implementing the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) and innovation plan. The IAT receives achievement updates 3 times per year. The size of the IAT grows as the school grows. Elections for parent representatives are held in the fall.  If you have any questions please contact C3’s IAT President Liz Aybar Conti at liz@margulffoundation.org

School Year 2016-17 IAT Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 IAT Minutes

School Year 2014-15 IAT Meeting Minutes

2014-10-21-IAT Minutes

2014-10-07-IAT Minutes

2014-05-01-IAT Minutes

Previous School Years IAT Minutes

2014-3-6-IAT Minutes

2014-04-10-IAT Minutes

2014-05-01-IAT Minutes

2014-9-14-IAT Minutes

2013-11-7-IAT Minutes

2013-9-10-IAT Minutes

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 C3 Google Doc Running Record Of IAT Minutes