Announcement: Fall semester will begin Aug. 24 with remote learning for all K-12 students. We are working to update our site to reflect the most recent changes. Learn more about our safe and gradual return to in-person school.

What Is Our History

C3 was created in response to several needs and opportunities. First, C3 answered Denver Public Schools’ 2011 Call for Quality Schools, which identified a need for an additional high-performing elementary school option in the district’s Southeast region. The number of elementary-school-aged children is projected to increase by approximately 3,000 students over the next five years. This growth in potential students, coupled with the overcrowding that currently exists at the majority of elementary schools across the region, created the need for at least one additional high-performing elementary option in the Southeast. Second, C3 meets the needs of families who want both rigorous academic programming and opportunities to encourage children to be creative thinkers. There are currently no schools in DPS that offer a creativity focus, paired with the opportunity to work with community partners. C3 will provide unique learning experiences including collaborative problem-solving, off-site classrooms with community partners, arts and technology integration, and world language classes.