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Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in C3. We currently are taking applications for the Boettcher Teacher Residency Program (BTR).

C3 students acquire essential content knowledge while developing the creative-thinking skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. C3 supports kids’ passions for discovery by dedicating time for students to explore individual interests and by forging community partnerships that make the world our classroom. C3 challenges students, staff, families and community members to achieve our highest potential while contributing new ideas that will create our future.


Teaching Internship

Boettcher Teacher Residency Program at Creativity Challenge Community (C3) and Stanley British Primary School.

C3, in conjunction with the Boettcher Teacher Residency at PEBC, is seeking intern candidates to participate in our teacher preparation program in the field of Elementary Education.

Interns gain an understanding of experience-based, developmentally appropriate education. They take on steadily increasing responsibilities as their skills and confidence grow. Intern teachers start the year working with small groups of children and end the year capable of managing the entire class.

With ongoing feedback and support from their mentor teachers and educational advisors, Interns participate in all aspects of the teaching process. They learn to help children with a wide range of abilities and share in celebrating diversity within the classroom.

Teacher Licensure

C3, in conjunction with the BTR and the State Department of Education, offers a Colorado Elementary Education License (Certification). Interns enrolled in the certification program receive credit for working full time in the classroom. In addition, interns take 225 clock hours of coursework on Thursdays throughout the school year. C3 will be partnering with Stanley British Primary School. Residence will have the opportunity experience both a Denver Public School setting at C3 and an independent (private school) setting, by spending one semester at each location.

For more information:
Brent Applebaum
Assistant Principal Creativity Challenge Community
Direct Phone: 720-424-0609

Boettcher Teacher Residency Website

DPS Link Below

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