Announcement: Fall semester will begin Aug. 24 with remote learning for all K-12 students. We are working to update our site to reflect the most recent changes. Learn more about our safe and gradual return to in-person school.

Mission and Vision


The Creativity Challenge Community was approved in June 2011 to provide a 21st Century education for a diverse population of elementary age students in Southeast Denver. We believe in the importance of thinking creatively to solve problems, learning collaboratively through partnerships with community organizations and challenging each other to our highest potential. Our students will graduate with confidence in their ability to think critically and creatively, solve problems and contribute to the larger community.

At Creativity Challenge Community (C3) we will:

  • Develop a collaborative community of learners encompassing students, families, educators and community partners where all members have an opportunity to share.

    A community of Kind Courageous Thinkers

  • Learn to devise, carry out and evaluate creative thinking strategies to ensure students will master 21st Century critical thinking and reasoning skills and invention skills.
  • Collaborate with the cultural and business community to create partners for learning experiences outside of the classroom to support increased student achievement.
  • Support self-directed learning and encourage perseverance in academic pursuits.
  • Create a strong culture of caring and diversity at all levels by strengthening parent and family engagement.


At The Creativity Challenge Community (C3) each member of the learning community thinks creatively, achieves at high levels, embraces challenges, takes responsibility for their own learning and contributes to the learning of others. Students and staff focus on all aspects of creative thinking at our school and with our community partners as we challenge each other to our highest potential as leaders and learners.


Creative thinking is actively questioning and synthesizing background knowledge with cultural and community experiences to solve problems and express ideas in novel, meaningful, and empathetic ways.