Who can enroll in C3?

C3 is an open-enrollment school with no entry requirements, which means anyone can enroll in C3 through the DPS SchoolChoice process. In the event there are more students interested than available spaces, the students who are matched with C3 will be determined by a lottery that takes into account C3’s enrollment priorities, including neighborhood, sibling and NCLB priority. These enrollment priorities will ensure that C3 will help effectively alleviate the elementary overcrowding in the Southeast region. Please note that this process is the exact same system all other DPS schools will use beginning in December. There is not a special application process to enroll in C3.

Priority Enrollment:
1. Children of Staff members
2. Siblings of current C3 students
3. Priority Zone Schools: Steele, Ellis, Bromwell, Steck, Cory
4. Students that qualify for free and reduced lunch from the district
5. Denver residence
6. Families outside of Denver