Each grade (each teacher in Kinder) has a dedicated C3 Shutterfly site to facilitate classroom specific communication.

Each Shutterfly account is customized by teachers and includes the following pages:

Home Page – for general classroom information
Pics – for pictures 🙂
Calendar – for upcoming classroom events
Volunteer Page – for classroom volunteer opportunities or needed supplies for the classroom
Class List & Contacts – reference for classmate contact information
Literacy, Math, Science…other classroom specific Pages – for content specific updates

The following is standard functionality on all Shutterfly accounts. Email settings may be adjusted to customize automatic notices.
Reminder email on Sunday to check site for updated information
Reminder email before a scheduled calendar event
Reminder email for volunteer sign-up

* When an entry is posted on the Shutterfly site there is NO email generated. Site members will see the entry on the Sunday reminder/update email and once they log in and view the Shutterfly site.
* When an email is generated utilizing the Shutterfly email list a post will NOT automatically be updated on the Shutterfly site.