How Is C3 Different From Other Schools?

How is C3 different from other schools? C3 infuses creative thinking, challenge and collaboration with community partners into all aspects of learning. The school day begins and ends by highlighting this focus. We start every day with a school community meeting including a creativity experience that sparks our thinking. The shared leadership team guides this portion of the day with student input. The school day is divided into a morning block and an afternoon block, with two hours for literacy and two hours for math/science/social studies. Large blocks of time allow for creative-inquiry activities that help children solve problems and develop creative products by using their imagination and collaborating with other students. The students’ day ends with a 15-minute classroom meeting to reconnect themes developed at the beginning of the day. The school day structure changes on Fridays when students meet community partners. Departing students (alternating groups) head to their community partner’s location, such as the Denver Art Museum, Young Americans Center for Financial Education or the Denver Center Theatre Academy. Teachers and community partners work together to connect curriculum to concepts of art, finance or theater. Students get to participate in real-life learning and develop a deep understanding of the knowledge and resources our partners possess. All students end their Fridays participating in enrichment clusters led by teachers, community members, paraprofessionals and parents.