Community Partners

One of C3’s unique features of the school is the work with community partners in the cultural and non-profit world extending our learning. These experiences extend not only the DPS curriculum but also the application of the 21st Century and creative thinking skills in real world situations. Students will meet regularly with community partners through a series of learning experiences within each organization. Families will be asked to support these excursions and act as chaperones. DPS transportation, public transportation, buses and light rail, are used and small
stipends will be budgeted for these partnerships.

C3’s mission and vision were written to support The Denver Plan’s goal of engaging families and community with the school. Our staff believes community partnerships are an essential ingredient in 21st Century education. We have developed partnerships to collaborate with Denver’s museums, businesses and non-profits in providing real life learning opportunities for our students. By reaching out to these organizations, C3 will capitalize on the city resources for the benefit of Denver’s students who can experience these facilities first hand.









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