C3 Special Announcement

October 27, 2016
C3 Earns a Blue Distinguished Rating
One of Only Eleven Schools in the District to Earn Blue
Today Tom Boasberg, DPS Superintendent, announced the 2016 School Performance Framework (SPF) ratings and Creativity Challenge Community has earned a Distinguished (Blue) rating. We are so proud and excited.
C3 opened in 2012 with only first and second grade students and last year we reached full build with K-5 students.  This was our very first year when we had all the data needed for a full SPF rating.  C3’s growth scores, for last year’s 4th-5th graders, were a huge piece of our success.
The School Performance Framework (SPF) is like a report card for each school. It identifies areas of strength and areas for improvement. The elementary SPF looks at several areas of school performance: Academic Growth, Academic Proficiency, Equity/Gaps, Parent and Student Engagement and Satisfaction.  More details can be found here.
Our staff is glowing with excitement at this news.  It means we are currently one of 11 schools to receive this rating across the entire district of over 190 K-12 schools.  We are so proud of the work done by our entire staff since we opened to contribute to this rating.
This is a time for celebration and introspection as we study all of the information in the rating. Staff, the IAT, and the admin. team will be working through all of the data to help drive our work going forward. There will be a meeting on Wed., Nov. 2nd at 8:10 a.m. to share and explain our 2016 CMAS PARCC scores and the resulting SPF rating. Denver Public Schools has created one of the most stringent and detailed accountability systems in the state including early literacy to 12th grade, comparing similar schools to each other and within a school among their own diverse student groups. We will also receive a state rating later this fall.​
Brent and I want to thank each of the members of our staff who work daily with our students and contributed to the success.  It also does not come without the participation of our greater community  of families and the support teams of DPS staff who have believed in and supported our mission and vision over the past five years.  
We also know this is just one piece of who we are but feel strongly that all the innovative aspects of our school — our creativity, our community partners, our curiosity crews — contribute to this achievement. The mission and vision that drives our school lives on and was 100% evident last Tuesday when the Blue at the Zoo C3 community studied the recycled Washed Ashore sculptures and the animals on a perfect fall day.
Finally, as part of this success and our PTSA fundraising efforts at F3, we will be celebrating with our students by having a pizza lunch day on Tues., Nov. 1st.  Our PTSA will be paying for pizza for every student to recognize their amazing F3 fundraising efforts. 
We will also be celebrating our Blue status on Thurs., Nov. 3rd (notice that it will take place on the 3rd) by wearing blue (be creative!), and recognizing the amazing efforts of our staff, students and families.  
Thank you for being a part of this journey.
Enjoy the fall break.
Julia Shepherd and Brent Applebaum


Assistant Principal
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