C3 Growth Results and Tours

Dear C3 Community,

As a reminder our weekly tours will start on October 6th at 9:00am.  Please show up to our entrance at the corner of Iowa and Monroe.  Tours occur every Thursday at 9:00am while school is in session.

We are so excited to share with you C3’s first ever test results measuring students’ academic growth on state testing which were released on Tuesday. Median Growth Percentile scores (MGP) were configured on PARCC ELA and Math scores from spring of 2016 for last year’s 4th and 5th grade students. Included in this email is the Chalkbeat article that helps describe how MGP scores are used and developed across the state and district.  “Put simply, the growth numbers provide a picture of how students are progressing and how fast compared to their peers, not taking into account where they are proficiency-wise.”

Our scores were some of the highest results for all of Denver Public Schools and we are so proud. “A student’s growth percentile, which ranges from 1 to 99, indicates how that student’s performance changed over time, relative to students with similar performances on state assessments. School and district growth rates, which make up the greatest share in their quality ratings, are determined by the median growth score from all students in that school or district.” Superintendent Tom Boasberg called when the scores were released to congratulate and thank the C3 team, “you guys did a phenomenal job, just absolutely hit the ball out of the park.”

Filters are available on the Chalkbeat article to look at individual schools. What you will find is that C3 is 5th in MGP scores for math in the entire district including high school, middle and elementary schools, and second for all of the elementary schools in the district with an MGP of 79.0. As for literacy MGP, C3 scored second for all elementary, middle and high schools across the district. Incredible! Only one other school had similar growth for both content areas.

In August of 2012 Creativity Challenge Community opened with a vision that each member of the learning community thinks creatively, achieves at high levels, embraces challenges, takes responsibility for their own learning and contributes to the learning of others. Students and staff focus on all aspects of creative thinking at our school and our community partners as we challenge each other to our highest potential as leaders and learners. We value the importance of data, but understand that it is only a part of our story. The joy of seeing students running into school to embrace their learning and friendships is equally as important and we are thrilled that our results are proving we can do both!

We are celebrating the “challenge” in our name and all of the kind, courageous thinkers of our C3 community. It takes a village of each member of our staff for this success, so please take a moment to thank them for all of their dedication and hard work to making this school great.

Please see more information on academic growth scores at Chalkbeat.






Assistant Principal
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