Bully-Proofing Curriculum

January 31, 2013

Dear C3 Parents,
As we shared with you at the October culture evening, we are using the PBIS and Bully-Proofing curriculum with students to develop a safe and caring community at c3. Your child is learning skills in making and keeping friends to prevent bullying and to encourage him or her to fee positive and confident about his or her friendships. You can help your child learn and practice these skills at home and in the neighborhood. Familiarize yourself with the skills and consider every social interaction as an opportunity to practice.

Making Friends

  • Greeting Others: “Hello” “Hi” “Good Morning”
  • Asking to join in: In a friendly way, ask “Can I play too?”
  • Inviting another to join in: In a friendly way, ask “Do you want to play with us too?”

Keeping Friends

  • Asking for what you want: “Could I please use that paintbrush?”
  • Sharing: When children want to use the same things, they can divide the materials between them or they can play together
  • Taking Turns: When two children want to use the same thing, let one child have a turn, then let the other child have a turn.
  • Trading: When one child wants what another child has, the child can offer to give his or her own toy in exchange.
  • Playing positive, non-violent games
  • Using kind and encouraging words when talking to and about friends

How You can Help

  1. Model these Skills by using them yourself.
  2. Explain why these skills are important.
  3. Expect your child to use these sills with you and with other children.
  4. If you see your children use aggression or say unkind words, ask him or her to “replay” it again, making sure you name the skill you want him or her to use instead (“Each of you would feel better if you both got to have a turn”).

The C3 staff appreciates your support in continuing to build a strong community where all members feel valued. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about building school culture.

The C3 Staff