Literacy Curriculum

The Teachers at C3 follow the DPS reading/writing curriculum.  The Elementary Literacy Program supports the reading and writing development of ECE-fifth grade students in Denver Public Schools.  It is an instructional block that includes reading workshop, writing workshop, skills block, and English language development

Mathematics Curriculum: Everyday Math

The curriculum used by our school is called “Everyday Math”.  Everyday Mathematics is a research-based curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (USCMP).  The goal of this ongoing project is to produce practical materials teachers can use to significantly improve the mathematics education for all school children.

English Language Acquisition (ELA) Program

C3 is an ELA resource school. This means that students still acquiring the English language receive pull-out services from trained resource teacher for approximately 45 minutes a day.  The resource teacher works with the classroom teacher to best meet the needs of the English language leaner.  In addition, all English language learners are assessed at the beginning and end of school to measure growth.

Content specialization

Content specialization (CTS) is an instructional structure that provides teachers with the opportunity to master teaching specific content areas rather than teaching all content areas. For instance, in a grade level, one teacher teaches reading, writing and spelling and the other teaches math, science, and social studies. As co-teachers, the two teachers at a grade level plan together and communicate frequently to ensure the needs of all children are met. At C3, CTS will begin in first grade and continue through fifth grade as we grow. Kindergarten will not participate in the CTS model.


 Community Partners

We are collaborating with the cultural and business communities to create partnerships allowing us to develop creative learning experiences outside of the classroom.  Students meet six Friday morning in a row with each of our partners over the course of a year.  Our community partners for the 2012-2013 school year are: Young Americans Center for Financial Education, the Denver Art Museum, and the Denver Center Theater Academy.  Time with community partners will extend classroom learning to the real world and allow creative exploration of concepts taught in school.  We have the opportunities throughout the year for parents to visit our community partners.  See the for upcoming community events.

Curiosity  Crews (C2): Enrichment Clusters

On Friday afternoons students take part in special enrichment clusters based on the work of Joe Renzulli. This will give students an opportunity to pursue their passions through academic projects in collaboration with multi-age group of students with a similar passion. We start by inquiring about students’ interests and matching them with teacher facilitators.  Students will work on exploration on their focus areas for 6-8 weeks culminating in a presentation of learning.

Morning Meetings

Students meet in the community room for 15 minutes at the beginning of the day in order to develop school-wide themes through creative activities.  The year will start with a focus on building the C3 culture, “a save and caring community of kind, courageous, thinkers”.  As the year progresses, students will explore creative thinking skills including fluency, flexibility, elaboration and originality.


Assemblies will happen throughout the year and be announced on our website and in our weekly folders.

Field Trips, Excursions

Field trips outside of the community partner visits will generally be connected to classroom curriculum.

Sample Schedule

 Monday – Thursday

8:05 Welcome and Check in
8:15 Community Meeting
8:30 Morning Meeting / Literacy  Skills
9:00 Specials (Gym, Art, Music, Spanish, Library)
9:45 Reading Workshop
10:45 Math Workshop I
11:15 Recess & Lunch
12:00 Math Workshop II
12:30 Writing Workshop
2:00 Snack/Recess
2:20 Social Studies / Science
2:50 Read Aloud
3:00 Dismissal

8:05 Welcome and Check in
8:15 Community Meeting
8:30 Math/Reading Workshop
9:30 Get Lunch Travel
9:50 Community Partner Actvities
11:30 Lunch at Community Partner
12:30 Return to school
12:55 Recess
1:15 Math/Reading Workshop
1:50 Curiosity Crews Enrichment
3:00 Dismissal